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A creative mind is something we are all blessed with. Sometimes you have to dig deep inside yourself to find that blessing and express it in the best way you feel. It can be art, music, teaching, speaking, just about anything. The world we live in today is trending on the aspect of using social media to express themselves. The idea of using photography and videography is the way I have chosen to make the most of my creative mind to highlight or tell a story in my work. 

I am Treston Mayo, the name M.Bitions V.O.Y.S Productions came from my personal life experiences and hunger to be successful. V.O.Y.S is an acronym that stands for VISIONS OF YOUR SUCCESS. I want to be able to make a highlight of others lives, success stories, business promotions, or anything that can capture the moment of someones drive to be all they can be. Life is about capturing special moments and looking back on the best experiences you obtain during your lifetime. I want to offer a service that shows happiness, motivation, creativity, and delivers a message to make a positive impact on our society. 

So much can be said on how society is effected through photos, videos, or anything the multi-media images. Capturing what's real and what needs to be seen is my go to. Creating projects with my clients to display their business or drive is what I strive for.

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