Upcoming Film Projects

Producing films is a passion and creating stories is MVP's purpose. We want to be able to tell stories that can capture everyone. If you want to be a part of an upcoming film or support a project please use the links below. You will have the opportunity to receive experience and credits on film projects.

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First Short Film Documentary

Backstory: "Little Did You Know" is the first short film I ever produced and directed. This film is special because everyone who plays a role in the film was their first time partaking in acting or capturing a short film. Recently the film has been selected for Orlando Film Festival in Orlando, Fl, and The Urban Action Showcase Film Festival in New York City Times Square. WE are looking for support and contribution to take the trip and produce a documentary of the experience of having the Film played in the theaters in New York. 

If you would like to support please click the DONATE button Our goal is to raise $1,500 to cover expenses for the trip and film crew. 

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